how to do a Double-Dutch Pigtail Braids On Yourself Hairstyle

This  Double-Dutch Pigtail Braids is a great style to do on third- or fourth-day hair and when you have loose waves from leftover curls.


1. Split the hair down the center and clip back one of the sides. I like to keep my regular side part on top and just gradually angle it into the center.


2. Take a rather large triangular section from the front. Mine is from about my temples to the end of my part. Separate it into three sections and begin a Dutch French Braid.


3. Dutch French Braid all the way down your head and secure with a couple duckbill clips.


4. Repeat steps 2–3 on the other side.


5. Pancake the braids and spread the sections to add more volume and definition.


6. Combine the braids into a ponytail at the base of your neck and tie them together with an elastic. Remove the clips and unravel the braids below the elastic.


7. Tease the ponytail to add more texture and volume to the hair.


You can take a small section of hair from
underneath the ponytail and wrap it around
the elastic. Use a Topsy Tail to secure it inside
the ponytail or secure it with a bobby pin
underneath the ponytail.