how to do Dutch French Braid On Yourself Hairstyle

The Dutch Braid is a beautifully defined braid that sits on top of the hair. It’s also known as an Inverted Braid or an Inside-Out French Braid. A Dutch Braid and a French Braid are one and the same, except with the Dutch Braid you braid the sections under the middle instead of over. One of my favorite things to do with a Dutch Braid is to pancake it. By spreading the sections, it makes the braid look so full and defined. The shape of a Dutch Braid is just gorgeous, so have fun learning these styles, because they’re some of my favorites!


Dutch French Braid

If you mastered the French Braid this hairstyle will be a cinch!

1. Separate the hair into three sections. Hold the left section in the left hand, the right section in the right hand and the middle section in between your right hands index finger and thumb.


2. Using your left hand, place the left section UNDER the middle section and grab with your right hands index finger and thumb. You’ll need to hold that left piece in your hand and not in your index finger and thumb like in the picture. I just wanted to make sure you could clearly see the three strands.


3. With your left index finger and thumb, reach under the middle section and pull the right section UNDER the middle section.


4. Now you’re going to start incorporating the rest of the hair into the braid. Place all three sections in your right hand. The left section in your index finger and thumb.


5. Using your left index finger, grab a new piece of hair from the front that is the same thickness as the existing sections and add it into the left section, the one that your right hand’s index finger and thumb are holding.


6. Next, you’re going to braid the left section, the one you just added hair into, UNDER the middle section. Grab it with your right hand’s index finger and thumb. In the photo, I am holding that right section away from the other three so you can see the individual sections. Normally it is held in my ring finger and pinky so that my index finger and thumb are
free to grab the new section.


7. Move all three sections into your left hand and repeat by using your index finger from your right hand to grab a piece of hair from the front and incorporate it into the right strand. Then bring it UNDER the middle section. Repeat until you have a gorgeous Dutch French Braid.


This technique is exactly the same as the
French Braid except you are braiding the
pieces UNDER the middle section instead of
over. Again these steps are a little wordy but
the basic technique applies: braid left under
middle, right under middle. Add hair to one
of the sides, braid under the middle, add hair
to the other side, braid under the middle, and
so on.