How To do a Formal Ponytail On Yourself Hairstyle

Formal Ponytail ,A ponytail is certainly the easiest and fastest way to get your hair up and out of your face. It comes in handy when you’re rushed in the mornings, you need your hair off your neck to exercise, or you want to show off that gorgeous face of yours. Because a plain old ponytail doesn’t require much effort, it tends to be overused and abused. Hopefully these next hairstyles will spark some creativity and help you upcycle the humble tail.


1. Place your index fingers right above your ears and gently pull back the top layers of hair. When the sections meet, begin folding them.


2–3. Fold the hair over itself and slide a bobby pin into the fold to secure the hair, pinning only the outer layers of hair.


4. Gently pull back two more sections of hair from the front. These sections are going to be much thinner than the first two, and it’s important to recognize that I’m only folding those small sections, not the entire layer of hair.


5. With the flat side of your bobby pin on top, push the bobby pin into the fold. The goal of this hairstyle is to have a really gorgeous seam of folded hair. You can make it a vertical seam or an angled seam. I like to angle mine as it’s easier to hide any mistakes and I just really love the look of it. So keep that in mind as you’re pinning the sections


6. Continue taking small sections, folding them back, and pinning them in place. When you reach the nape of your neck, take one last section from only one side and hold in place with your finger.


7. Replace your finger with a bobby pin and tease the ponytail to make it look even more voluminous.