Glass hair: the cut square that you will see everywhere in the fall

Impossible to miss this haircut in September 2018. Find out what this square looks already trendy across the Atlantic.


This is the essential haircut of the autumn of 2018. Sexy, graphic and beautiful on all forms of face, it has everything to seduce us. His name ? The glass hair. It is a very straight and full cut square , that is to say almost not degraded or tapered.

Ultra-smooth and silky, the hair displays mirror sheen that reinforces the graphic and sexy side of the cut. The glass hair is always worn with a well centered line , to create a chic effect. Highly prized across the Atlantic, it has already been adopted by Hailey Baldwin, Lucy Hale, Khloe Kardashian but also by Olivia Culpo or Kylie Jenner.

Our advice for this lustrous effect: make a soft brushing and then perfect the smoothing with a straightener . Then spread a few drops of dry oil over the lengths and ends to satin the hair.