how to do a Elegance Swept to the Side On Yourself Hairstyle

You will need to be familiar with the French Fishtail and the Alternative Braid. Please refer to those tutorials for more in-depth instructions. You want fresh falling curls for this
style made from the 1-inch wand tutorial,  Make sure to tease your hair to add volume and set the hairstyle with firm hold hair spray to finish it off.


1. Gather the section of hair from your ear to the end of your part and secure it with a clear elastic band. Divide the tail into two sections. These two sections will start the French Fishtail Braid. Make sure you don’t incorporate those front sections of


2. Section off a small piece of hair with your top hand, place it over the top section, and combine it with the bottom section. Repeat on the opposite side by sectioning off a small piece of hair near your ear with your bottom hand, placing it over the bottom section, and combining it with the top section.


3–4. Angle the braid around the back of your head, and make sure to keep the Fishtail tight. You can always loosen the sections later.


5. When you get to the nape of your neck you’re going to section off the front curls (refer to step 7). and begin an Alternative Braid.


6. Split the hair into two sections and twirl them inward.


6. Split the hair into two sections and twirl them inward.


8. Tie off the Alternative Braid using a clear elastic band.


9. Pancake the braid by tugging on some of the sections to add extra volume and texture to the braid. Cut out the elastic band holding the Fishtail together, and either leave the elastic holding the Alternative Braid in or take it out and tease the ends really well. If you do this and spray them with hair spray, the braid will stay put all night.