How To do a Twisted Bun Updo On Yourself Hairstyle

Twisted Bun Updo This style works best on dirty, textured hair because the pins can grip a little bit better and the hair is easier to manipulate. I used leftover 1-inch wand curls and found that having those big bouncy curls made creating the shape of the bun much easier.


1. Roll, clip, or tie the front sections of hair out of the way as you’ll be using them later on.


2. Gently pull your hair half up. If you need a quick refresher,


3. Tease the bottom layers of hair.


4. This next part is completely random with the goal of creating a pretty shape by taking chunks of hair and pinning them to the head.


5. Continue pinning up all the hair off the neck, making sure it doesn’t look too messy but has a great shape.


6. Now that all your hair is off your neck, release those front sections. Take a small section near your part and divide it into two sections.


7. Begin twisting the hair away from the face.


8. You’ll add in more layers of hair as you twist down, but there’s no technique behind this. Just twist and add in more hair where needed. Be sure to angle your twist back, or else you might end up with some funky bubbles.


9. Once you’ve reached the end of the twist, tie them off with a clear elastic band and then fluff up the twist with a rattail comb. This will give the twist some texture and definition.


10. Next drape the twist across the back of your head and directly on top of the bun.


11. Repeat steps 6–10 on the opposite side.