How To do a Twisted Updo On Yourself Hairstyle

1. Section out your bangs and then tie off the hair from your ears up to where the back of your part ends. Pull the rest into a low Fast Messy Bun. The shape of this Fast Messy Bun is very important as it gives shape to the rest of the hairstyle. If you’re not in love with your bun, try it again until you are.


2. Take out two sections from the hair you tied up. You will only be using one at a time, but I wanted to show you what the front looks like before moving to the back.


3. Gently twist and pancake one section of hair. You can twist the entire section away from your face, or you can split it into two sections and twist them around each other. Either way works.


4. Drape that twisted section over the Messy Bun and secure on the opposite side with bobby pins. If your hair is long, you’ll need to coil up the ends and secure with another bobby pin like in step 6.


5. Gently twist and drape the other section over the bun and secure with bobby pins.


6. Repeat these steps until you run out of hair from that top section you tied off. Make sure to alternate sides, drape loosely, and hide any visible pins with the next section of hair.


7. Push the ends of that last section inside the gap between the draped section and your head. Finish off with firm-hold hair spray and pull out fringe around your temples and ears and any bangs you wish to have out.


You don’t need to have curly hair for this
hairstyle to work, although you’ll get a prettier
shape if you have some sort of texture in your
hair. I started with four-day-old, 1-inch wand