How To do a Waterfall Ponytail On Yourself Hairstyle

This is such a fun and unique hairstyle! I love that the Waterfall Braid creates a beautiful headband. If you understand how to Waterfall Braid, it will only take you a second or two to figure out how to braid it at a different angle. You can dress this style up and make it look super fancy, or it can be very casual.


1. Make a deep side part and section off the front headband area. Pull the rest of the hair back to get it out of the way.


2. Begin a Waterfall Braid by dividing a small layer of hair into three sections.


3. Braid once: front piece over middle, back piece over middle. Drop that very back piece.


4. Use a duckbill clip to clip that back piece out of the way. Replace that back piece with another section of hair and continue braiding.


5. Braid that new section over the middle and then add a new section of hair to the front piece.


6. Braid that over the middle, transfer the sections into your front hand, and drop that back piece.


7. Add that dropped section into your duckbill clip and continue on with your waterfall braid.


8. When you get to the opposite ear, push a bobby pin into the braid to secure it down.