how to do a lace braid On Yourself Hairstyle

Basic Steps: lace braid Make a one-sided Dutch French Braid (see pages 48–49) and wrap it around to above your ear. Tie it off with clear elastic band and secure the braid to your head with a bobby pin.


1. Start with a deep part. Gather a section of hair from the back of your part and divide it into three sections.


2. Begin a Dutch French Braid. Keep the braid tight and angle it forward, toward your face. Notice that the Dutch French Braid is only an inch or so thick.


3–4. Once you reach your forehead, you’re going to begin a one-sided Dutch French Braid. This means you are only adding a new section of hair to the top strand, never to the strand closest to your face, and you are braiding UNDER the middle section. If this throws off your rhythm, just pretend you’re adding in a new section like you normally would until it just comes naturally to you. I like to just twist my wrist. Look at it carefully in this picture and compare it to the next.


5. Gather a new section of hair from the back, where your Dutch French Braid started, and add to that top strand.


6. Now that you’ve combined that new section with the top strand, you’re going to braid it under the middle.


7. Take that bottom strand, the one closest to your face and immediately braid it under the middle strand without adding any new sections of hair. It’s easiest to just twist your wrist.


8. Once you get to about your temples start a regular braid. When you get to the bottom clip it off and pancake the sections to make the braid look fuller and more voluminous.


9. Tie the braid off with a clear elastic band and secure it underneath the top layers by crisscrossing bobby pins.