50 Best Long Angled Bob Hairstyles 2018

Long angled bob hairstyles are very fashionable. They have been gaining momentum lately among young women. If you have a correct style, such bobs look great on any type of hair. They will look especially good on women with oval or round faces. However, girls with triangular, heart-shaped and square-shaped faces can also choose the bob at right angles to themselves. These shakes range from the wild and scandalous to the strict and professional. All you have to do is choose your best option.


Modish Long Angled Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles

If you’re a fan of long angled bobs or just decided to take a look, you’ve come to the right place. We prepared a list of 55 incredible long-angled bob hairstyles so you can browse and choose. Pay special attention to your face and hair type. Girls with triangular faces should opt for shorter angled bobs, while women with round faces should consider the longer ones. Remember that asymmetry is fashionable, so take a look at the asymmetric bobs, which can make you look really fashionable.


1. Long and side swept


This long angled bob hairstyles is ideal for women with round faces. The hair is cut very short on the back, while a long part at an angle is created on the front. The hair on the back is layered. Designing that bob is complicated, but the result really generates a lasting impression.


2. Shoulder length bob


This is one of the most popular angled bob hairstyles. The hair is cut a little more in the back and lengthens towards the front. This style is ideal for straight hair, regardless of its thickness. A daily style is recommended.

3. Asymmetry

Classical angled bobs are shorter in the back and gradually become longer in front. There is also an asymmetrical variation. Several frontal strands are cut short in order to create a triangular look. Give it a try!


4. Ombre

Ombres look fantastic on any hairstyle. So, why not give one a try on the long angled bob? Dye your bangs and lower strands with darker color than the rest of your hair and your bob will get a fresh new look.


5. Burgundy and fabulous

Experiment with the color of your new angled bob. Burgundy bobs look fantastic on women, whose natural hair is dark. Colored hair usually gets drier, which can make it easier to style. Keep your burgundy bob neat with special hair cosmetics for dyed hair.


6. Blond and long


Blond is a great choice of color for many women with long angled bob hairstyles. Usually this color adds volume to the long bobs and makes the hairstyle easy to manage. Add some bangs to your bob to make it look even more fantastic.


7. Raven black with bangs


Messy raven black hair is considered very sexy. So, if you are going for a long angled bob, raven black will be a great option. Bobs are hard to keep neat. The choice of color frees you from this responsibility.


8. Creative highlights

If you want to make your angled bob really stand out of the crowd, go for creative highlights. Such bobs are often picked by girls who want to make a statement, so wild highlights are a great choice. Experiment, experiment, experiment!


9. Various angles

If you are a big fan of angeled bobs, but don’t really like managing them, take a look at this hairstyle. This messy look is achieved by alternating angles. Even if you forget to brush your hair, it will still look amazing.


10. Outlined bob

If you want to outline your angled bob, go for special highlighting. Dye the frontal strands of your bob with a darker color than the rest of your hair, as shown in the photo. You will get a truly unique look, which will keep some heads turning.

11. Slight angles


Girls with thick hair can go for a slightly angeled bob. There is no reason to make a sharp angle to make this hairstyle look fashionable. Thick hair will look great with oblique angles. The longer the hair, the better it will look.


12. Straight and brown


Your natural hair color always looks fantastic. A long angeled bob will look amazing on naturally colored straight hair. Make sure to brush it often. This hairstyle looks great only when its neat. If you are not a fan of brushes, you need to go for other variations.


13. The classics

This classical long angled bob hairstyle is great for women with straight hair. There are no bangs and the angles are sharp. It looks best on dark hair, but can be a good idea for blonds as well. Don’t know which style to choose? Go for the classics.


14. Side swept bangs

Long angled bob with bangs looks great if they are side swept. However, bangs still take the attention away from the angles. So, if you want to emphasize the angled part, try to avoid long and voluminous bangs.


15. Wispy bob for thin hair

If your hair is thin, you can go for a wispy angeled bob. Style your hair to have more volume by using a round brush and a hair drier. Don’t make the angles too obvious, otherwise the thin hair will stand out.

16. Add some volume


Angled bobs look great with straight hair. However, they look even better with some volume. Make sure your stylist makes several layers on the back part of your hair. This way you can easily create volume by just using the hair drier.


17. Asymmetrical levels


Nowadays fashion equals asymmetry. So, when you have a chance to go asymmetrical, take it! Angled bob hairstyles look fantastic when the sides are different in length. The difference can be rather obvious or not too eye catching. Take your pick!


18. Layers

Layered long bobs look fantastic on women with any hair type. However, such hairstyle is quite tough to keep neat, so be ready to spend some time in front of the mirror. You will surely like the result.


19. Long eye-covering bangs

Eye-covering bangs create a sexy look for any angled bob hairstyle. If such bangs don’t make you feel uncomfortable, you should definitely try them out. You can always side sweep the bangs away from your eyes, once you get tired of this hairstyle.


20. Rihanna style

This bob became popular thanks to Rihanna. It has all the qualities of a fashionable long angeled hairstyle. There is some asymmetry and neat wispiness. If you want to look stylish, follow Rihanna and you won’t regret it.

21. Soft Waves



These soft waves look totally gorgeous. All you need to do is curl your hair with curling irons and then run a comb through the curls before adding any holding spray. This will give your curls a natural look.


22. Gorgeous Curls

These salon fresh curls look gorgeous with an angled bob cut. To get your curls to look this good, you will need to use heated irons on small sections of your hair. Curl for a few seconds, take your hair off of the iron, then set the curl with holding spray immediately.


23. Barely There Waves


This style only has the smallest hint of a wave. A small wave helps to give thinner hair a little bit of texture and volume which can help it to look less lifeless.


24. Dark and Stormy

Dark hair really suits an angled bob style and it is a beautiful choice next time that you visit your stylist. Have a few “stormy” layers chopped in to give your bob a little bit of texture.


25. Heavy Layers with a Side Fringe

Heavy layering around the side of your bob will help to curl your hair in towards the side of your head to create a trendy helmet style. Enhance your style by parting your hair to the side and then sweeping your fringe across from one side to the other.
































After taking a close look at popular long angled bob haircuts and hairstyles, you are ready to choose one for yourself. Show the picture of your favorite bob to your stylist and get ready to look fantastic. Remember, most of these bobs require regular maintenance.