Makeup: the trends of autumn / winter 2018-2019

Adopt the make-up trends of the season by taking inspiration from our selection of photos and following our tips and tricks.

Eye makeup: colorful liner and metallic shades

This autumn-winter marks the return of the colored liner . Metallic blue, lagoon, flashy green or even two-tone he sophisticates the face and brings pep to the eyes . Side eyeshadow, impossible to miss the metal trend that comes in burgundy, purple, green and plum. In smoky or a halo, these intense shades give a touch of glamor to the eyes.

Lip makeup: raspberry, plum or nude mouth

The raspberry and plum shades are real must-haves this season. Beautiful on a clear skin as on a tanned skin , they are at once chic and luminous. If you choose to focus on the make-up of the eyes, make up your lips in a pink nude tone subtly enhanced by a touch of gloss . If you prefer to leave your eyelids naked, adopt the trend of ultra-dark and dull lips to create a chic Gothic effect.

Makeup of the complexion: nude effect and bright finish

This autumn-winter, the complexion is unified with light and luminous materials . Our advice: stay quite discreet on the side of blush and bronzing powder to emphasize the illuminator . Deposited on the bulging areas of the face, it brings a lot of freshness to the complexion . Finally, the eyebrows are both well defined and very natural to structure the face and give more intensity to the eyes.