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  • Fantastic contemporary living room designs

    If you are a bit like me, your living room is all the locker rooms that you design and re-design permanently. At the end of the day, constant changes refresh your living space. It’s amazing how moving your furniture, even buying new furniture, frees the soul. After having re-decorated everything, you collapse on a piece […] More

  • best 1980s hairstyles for women

    If the hairstyles of the 1970s were influenced by the hippies, they decided to launch this collection of the last decade and have produced many hairstyles very funk and strange in an elegant way. You can say that the era of the 1980s is considered the perfect example of how fashion and hairstyles can become […] More

  • Braid hairstyles for black women

    We love you and we all appreciate, but not as much as black women! By the way, I’m not talking to you at all, dear readers. Yes, I’m talking to braided hairstyles! Very strange and kind of crazy introduction, is not it ?! That’s right, but can you deny that it catches the eye? No […] More

  • 20 of the best couch cake ideas you’ll ever see

    When I was told to write an article about couch cakes, I had this immediate idea of what was required. I was wrong, however, because there is no cake on the couch, a cake specially created to be eaten on a couch. However, there is a wide variety of sofa cakes, cakes that are a […] More

  • Christmas with a view: Decorate your holiday windows

    Do not forget the windows when you make your home bigger for Christmas: With the beautiful front door or porch displays, windows are one of the best ways to give courage to your neighbors and friends. Get stencil and “jelly” kits from your craft or hardware store and burn snowflakes, stars, Nativity scenes, animals such […] More

  • Lights, Bows, Greens: Decking Your Outdoor Halls for Christmas

    Outdoor Christmas decorations are one of the best parts of this time of year, and it does not matter if you’re in the tropics or under three feet of snow! Wrap your ramps with evergreen trees, even artificial ones, and you’ll get the holiday spirit in no time; Tie some red knots around them and […] More

  • Meghan Markle Pregnant: La tenue qui a vendu la mèche

    At the wedding of Eugenie of York, the look of the Duchess of Sussex fueled the rumors. They are confirmed today. So it’s official. Harry and Meghan are expecting their first child. The information was confirmed by Kensington Palace in the morning, and the happy event will take place in spring 2019. But throughout the weekend, the canvas was already […] More

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    Makeup: the trends of autumn / winter 2018-2019

    Adopt the make-up trends of the season by taking inspiration from our selection of photos and following our tips and tricks. Eye makeup: colorful liner and metallic shades This autumn-winter marks the return of the colored liner . Metallic blue, lagoon, flashy green or even two-tone he sophisticates the face and brings pep to the eyes . Side eyeshadow, impossible to […] More

  • Short hair coloring, find the ideal color

    Nothing like a pretty color to highlight a short haircut. Boyish, pixie or under cut, know that there are tips to put each model in value. We will explain everything to you. 4 golden rules to know to color short hair If you have a very short boyish cut , look for a uniform, glossy color . It can be a pretty brown, […] More

  • how to remove gel nail polish at home

    Need to remove your nail polish gel and not have the time or patience to go to the salon? We went there The temptation to take / tear / bite the nail polish is strong (and strangely satisfactory), but resist. “When you remove your nail polish, you also remove layers of your nail bed, making […] More

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