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    Best 6 Popular short hairstyles in 2018

    If you have doubled the year 2018, you will actually get one of the 200 short haircuts that you pinned to your Pinterest forums. The first step of your journey is this URL. This is where you hope to bring your inspirational image back to your living room, where you will discuss details of how […] More

  • How to remove yellow traces of perspiration on white clothes?

    Nobody escapes perspiration. And sometimes, by being worn, the white clothes have unsightly yellow stains under the arm because of it. Here are 6 tips to make them disappear.   1) 70 ° alcohol Your favorite white tee is stained underarm? Do not panic. With a cloth delicately impregnated with 70 ° alcohol, dab the stain. Then, rinse with clear water and rub […] More

  • How to remove scratches from glasses?

    It’s not always easy to keep your glasses intact over time. Discover our pro tips to make them like new, without having to change them! There is nothing more annoying than having to read or see through small scratches. And as it is not always easy to change your glasses from the first sign, discover the tips […] More

  • How to pamper his look without spending anything? Discover our 8 tips

    Want to be stylish without breaking the bank? Zoom on 8 fashion tips that will help you boost your look without making your banker cringe.   1) Cuff Your Pants ” It may be a detail for you, but for your look it means a lot .” Yes, rolling Your pants does not look like that, but this fashion gimmick stylizes […] More

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    Glass hair: the cut square that you will see everywhere in the fall

    Impossible to miss this haircut in September 2018. Find out what this square looks already trendy across the Atlantic.   This is the essential haircut of the autumn of 2018. Sexy, graphic and beautiful on all forms of face, it has everything to seduce us. His name ? The glass hair. It is a very straight and full cut square , that is to […] More

  • Washing her hair with champagne, the new WTF trend

    Apparently the champagne would make the hair brighter and more supple … After the Coca-Cola or the Perrier, the champagne would be the new favorite drink of beauty darling. Apparently, it would make our hair brighter and more flexible … It is the influencer Madina Shrienzada who launched this new trend. On June 29, the blogger posted a video where she […] More

  • Here are the 10 most popular destinations in September for holidaymakers

    Going out in September is a trend that only takes a step back from year to year … Until then, when we talked about summer holidays, we could distinguish two schools. Those who decide to leave in July, and on the other side, the Australians. Except that going off-trend has become more and more trendy and if […] More

  • 3 braid Trends for 2019 Best Hairstyles

    The braid is a fast hairstyle to make and easy to decline, for a chic and original style … that holds all day! The braid is one of the favorite hairstyles of women because it is easy to achieve, fits all types of hair and gives a look more worked and original than the bun […] More

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    15 Gorgeous Fulani Braids Hairstyle for 2019

      Have you fainted for the sexiest hairstyle of 2017, the braids Alicia Keys? We also! But let’s stop right there and insist that you call them as they really are: Fulani braids. Also known as “festival braids”, ” Tribal Braids ” or “braids with beads”, this braiding style is identified by specific braiding patterns. […] More

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    Tribal Braids Hairstyles With Tango Ncetezo

      We love how she is not afraid to play with the styles of her Tribal Braids . The actress Tango Ncetezo is a South African actress always has the best Tribal Braids  and we are obsessed with them. We love that she hug her natural hair and do not be afraid to play with the […] More

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