how to do Princess Braids On Yourself Hairstyle

Princess Braids :You are going to create one-sided Dutch Pigtail Braids wrapped in an updo. But instead of adding hair to the top section like you normally would in a Dutch Braid, you are only going to add hair to the bottom section.

1. Braid a Dutch French Braid down to about the tops of your ears. Pay close attention to what my wrist is doing from step one to step two. In a regular Dutch Braid my next step would be to add a section of hair to that top section.


2. Instead, I’m simply twisting my wrist, which automatically braids that top section underneath the middle section. From here on out you will not be adding hair to the top section of the braid, and it’s just easier if you twist your wrist!


3. Add hair to the bottom section and braid like normal. Braid in the hair that falls forward on your shoulder to that bottom piece. This might take some time getting use to, but with practice you’ll be able to get it.


4. When you’ve run out of hair on one side, continue braiding all the way down and secure with a clear elastic band.


5. Repeat steps 1–4 on the opposite side and then pancake the braids.


6. Take one of the braids and drape it above the nape of your neck. Use large bobby pins to secure the braid to your head. If you have super long hair, you’ll need to coil the ends and pin them down so that they can be covered by the next braid.


7. Drape the second braid over the first braid and use large bobby pins to hold in place. The goal is to cover up the ends of the first braid and make sure both braids feel secure.


8. Coil up the ends of the second braid and tuck them behind the first. They should fit nicely in a small pocket. Finish with a firm-hold hair spray. If you need to, take your rattail comb and slide it in horizontally at the crown of your head and lift up
to prevent any hair from sticking to your head and give you more volume.