how to do a Side Dutch Braid On Yourself Hairstyle

The Side Dutch Braid is a beautifully defined braid that sits on top of the hair. It’s also known as an Inverted Braid or an Inside-Out French Braid. A Dutch Braid and a French Braid are one and the same, except with the Dutch Braid you braid the sections under the middle instead of over. One of my favorite things to do with a Dutch Braid is to pancake it. By spreading the sections, it makes the braid look so full and defined. The shape of a Dutch Braid is just gorgeous, so have fun learning these styles, because they’re some of my favorites!


1. Start with a deep side part.


2. Divide a section of hair near your part into three sections and begin a Dutch French Braid.


3. Continue braiding, making sure to keep the braid tight and close to your hairline.


4. This is what the other side should look like.


5. Bring in those new sections from the opposite side of your head.


6. When you run out of hair to add in, just continue a regular three-strand braid all the way down.


7. Pancake the braid and spread those sections of hair. That is where the style goes from pretty to absolutely stunning. People don’t realize it’s just you’re regular Dutch Braid because the braid is so full and beautiful. After you’ve pancaked the braid, go ahead and tie it off with a clear elastic band and spray with hair spray.