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  • how to do a Dutch Braided Headband On Yourself Hairstyle

    I love this Dutch Braided Headband hairstyle because the asymmetrical braid is soft and has such a gorgeous shape! It’s best to start this style with leftover or brushed out 1-inch wand curls.   1. Make a deep side part and begin a regular Dutch French Braid. As you’re braiding, keep the braid close to […] More

  • how to do Dutch French Braid On Yourself Hairstyle

    The Dutch Braid is a beautifully defined braid that sits on top of the hair. It’s also known as an Inverted Braid or an Inside-Out French Braid. A Dutch Braid and a French Braid are one and the same, except with the Dutch Braid you braid the sections under the middle instead of over. One […] More

  • How To Braided Ponytail On Yourself Hairstyle

    Follow the steps 1–6 on the Braided Crown hairstyle. 1. Tie the braids together using a clear elastic band.   2. Remove the clear elastic bands holding the braids secure.   3. Use another clear elastic band to tie the rest of the hair up into a ponytail.   Tip To finish off this look […] More

  • How To Braided Crown On Yourself Hairstyle

    Start this style out by curling the hair with a 1-inch wand and teasing the roots. 1. Gather a small section of hair, and divide the hair into three sections.   2. Braid these sections of hair.   3. While holding the end of the braid with one hand, flatten out the braid. Tug and […] More