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  • Short hair coloring, find the ideal color

    Nothing like a pretty color to highlight a short haircut. Boyish, pixie or under cut, know that there are tips to put each model in value. We will explain everything to you. 4 golden rules to know to color short hair If you have a very short boyish cut , look for a uniform, glossy color . It can be a pretty brown, […] More

  • Best 6 Popular short hairstyles in 2018

    If you have doubled the year 2018, you will actually get one of the 200 short haircuts that you pinned to your Pinterest forums. The first step of your journey is this URL. This is where you hope to bring your inspirational image back to your living room, where you will discuss details of how […] More

  • Washing her hair with champagne, the new WTF trend

    Apparently the champagne would make the hair brighter and more supple … After the Coca-Cola or the Perrier, the champagne would be the new favorite drink of beauty darling. Apparently, it would make our hair brighter and more flexible … It is the influencer Madina Shrienzada who launched this new trend. On June 29, the blogger posted a video where she […] More