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  • how to do a Elegance Swept to the Side On Yourself Hairstyle

    You will need to be familiar with the French Fishtail and the Alternative Braid. Please refer to those tutorials for more in-depth instructions. You want fresh falling curls for this style made from the 1-inch wand tutorial,  Make sure to tease your hair to add volume and set the hairstyle with firm hold hair spray […] More

  • how to do a French Fishtail On Yourself Hairstyle

    The Fishtail Braid is also known as the Herringbone, the Fish Bone, or the Mermaid Braid. It looks very elaborate but is surprisingly simple. Even though it involves four strands of hair instead of three like in French and Dutch Braids, many people find this style much easier to learn. In general, you want to […] More

  • How To French Braided Topknot On Yourself Hairstyle

    Braiding upside down is always a little bit tricky. It took me good while to really nail it. I suggest going very slow and saying the steps out loud. It’ll help you remember what you’re doing and what step you’re on while calming down those confused little fingers! You can do it. Practice, practice, practice!! […] More

  • How To French Braid On Yourself Hairstyle

    Remember: you are braiding, adding a section of hair to one of the outermost strands, braiding, adding a section of hair to the outermost strand on the other side, braiding, etc. Move super slow, and don’t let all the words confuse you.   1. Separate the hair into three sections. Hold the left section in […] More