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  • How To Braided Ponytail On Yourself Hairstyle

    Follow the steps 1–6 on the Braided Crown hairstyle. 1. Tie the braids together using a clear elastic band.   2. Remove the clear elastic bands holding the braids secure.   3. Use another clear elastic band to tie the rest of the hair up into a ponytail.   Tip To finish off this look […] More

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    15 Gorgeous Fulani Braids Hairstyle for 2019

      Have you fainted for the sexiest hairstyle of 2017, the braids Alicia Keys? We also! But let’s stop right there and insist that you call them as they really are: Fulani braids. Also known as “festival braids”, ” Tribal Braids ” or “braids with beads”, this braiding style is identified by specific braiding patterns. […] More

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    Tribal Braids Hairstyles With Tango Ncetezo

      We love how she is not afraid to play with the styles of her Tribal Braids . The actress Tango Ncetezo is a South African actress always has the best Tribal Braids  and we are obsessed with them. We love that she hug her natural hair and do not be afraid to play with the […] More

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    25 Hot Tribal Braids Hairstyles To Summer 2018

    One of the essential hairstyles of 2018 are the tribal braids. tribal braids have gone in and out of focus style for years and were famous for Alicia Keys. These beautiful braids have returned and are hotter than ever. We love this look and we have found 23 Fulani braids for you to try this […] More

  • 20 most popular Box Braids For African American Girls

    hairstyles for box braids is one of the most popular African Americans. Protective styling options for women. Summer increases the percentage significantly because of the activities carried out during this season.   Sweating and other water events can take a lot of time when it comes to preparing for thirsty roots during the season.   This […] More