Tribal Braids Hairstyles With Tango Ncetezo


We love how she is not afraid to play with the styles of her Tribal Braids .

The actress Tango Ncetezo is a South African actress always has the best Tribal Braids  and we are obsessed with them. We love that she hug her natural hair and do not be afraid to play with the styles of her braids. Here are 5 times she had us crushing his hair.

1.The front is simple, while the back is beautifully textured.


2. The branching out of the braids in the center of her head together with the detail of the gold leaf is gorgeous



3. We liking this twist in the high bun integrated with a braid. Wonderful!


4. The play in the different sizes of the Tribal Braids  makes it into a layered hairstyle.



5. We love the braids and afro drama on the back.